Lost paths

JesseJamesAvatar-1Today, my little one has officially started potty training.  This is more of a grand adventure for me than it is for her.  Especially considering that when she “goes” I snatch her up and dash into the bathroom in almost enough time, plop her onto the potty seat, and listen to her scream in confused frustration.

On a more literary note, today I started chapter twenty four of my new novel and realized that inspiration comes in even the smallest of places.  No, I’m not referring to potty time.  I’m referring to the oblivious nature of my child, and the undeniable plane of bliss in which she wanders.  We never lose the keys to that particular kingdom.  That much I am certain.  However, we do forget the way.  Age does that to you, but you know what?  It’s never too late to stop and find directions.

2 thoughts on “Lost paths

  1. You’re potty-training your child AND writing a book at the same time? Wow! That makes me feel so tired I want to go lie down! 🙂

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