The end of the world

JesseJamesAvatar-1So, apparently the world is going to end in 2012.  The Mayans were fully aware of our impending demise, and with all of their supernatural capabilities, they didn’t so much as leave us with a friendly how-to escape future cataclysms guide inscribed on a stone tablet amidst cryptic glyphs somewhere in the jungle… bastards.  I know what you’re thinking.  Is 2012 going to occur the day after tomorrow?  Nope, but it’s from the same director: Roland Emmerich.  You know, the guy who brought us such wonderful films as Godzilla and Universal Soldier.  Sigh.

Do you recall the hysteria that was Y2K?  I have friends who still have their basements filled with bottled water and canned goods, because, you know, the apocalypse ignores basements.  Everyone will over-react when the year approaches, and when 2013 arrives, so will another prophetic prediction.  I say, sit back.  Relax.  Drink a glass of wine, puff on a good cigar, and watch the world not burn.  However, you may want to do your grocery shopping before the big new year.  You know, before the shelves are emptied and their contents stored in basements and underground compounds meant to shelter their inhabitants from malicious alien invasions and blizzards in Florida.


17 thoughts on “The end of the world

  1. Hysteria, gotta love it! lol I remember Y2K and I certainly hope I’m around for a lot more ‘end of the world’s.

    I always make a point of stocking up long before those big holidays anyways, because lets face it, people shop like there is no tomorrow when public holidays are coming up and I for one don’t want to be anywhere near those maniacs 😉 Over here, the supermarkets are closed for what, a day? And yet people get all frantic ‘omg, I can’t buy something for one day! Better buy everything I might possibly want or need today!’

    1. What drives me absolutely crazy is not the “impending doom” but, rather, all of the stupid people doing what they do best. Making someone else rich!

  2. Yeah…there’s always those who like to make the “apocalyptic” things seem like a big deal, but I don’t really think people should worry too much, enjoy YOUR life, and if something happens to the world and you’re about to die, you’ll be able to say “I lived an excellent life” and leave with no regrets.

    1. Who knows when we’re going to die? Let’s go ask Roland Emmerich, I bet that it’s going to be dramatic and special effect filled! Talk about cashing in on the hype!

  3. Actually, I hope the world does end. When the black hole that is supporsedly below(?) us rips open, I’m just gonna tie myself to a rock and shoot people as they fly away. lol. The apocolypse is so funny!

  4. LoL! My wife works at a fast food joint (over the summer) in front of a Kroger. The customers come through the drive-thru (yes that’s spelled correctly Merrilee) and before they place their order they say…. “Yes…I need a…” You need a greasy burger? You don’t need that! Go to the frakin’ Kroger, it’s right THERE!

    Well, I suppose our fast food nation is a topic for another conversation. However, it is similar. People are animals. Well, at least those maniacs!

  5. LOL, my new novel has a 2012 theme, but it’s definitely NOT apocalyptic. It’s a celebration and a turning point, rather than the end. The way I see it, our world has enough doom and gloom. Time to focus on how we’d really love to live and let that energy become our “normal” lives.

    1. Imagine that! A non-apocalyptic 2012 story! That…actually… you know, I’d like to read that novel. Doom and gloom appears to be the name of the game when someone mentions 2012. Your idea sounds like a very smart one, and moving as well.

  6. Apocalypses are important milestones in our civilisation 🙂 They make people focus and, yes, lead to some pretty bizarre panic behaviours.

    You can never have too many apocalypses, I say.

    1. A good point, and well said Merrilee. I suppose that one has to question that in light of all their focus and bizarre behaviors, would we ever be prepared for such a cataclysm? If it were on our doorstep, if we were Will Smith standing on the lawn looking up at a giant spacecraft in the sky, you would think that with all of these countless trial runs we would have figured out what precisely to do in such an event. Perhaps we have. All we can do is spend all of our money, loot, and burst into hysterics. As for me, I’ll believe it when I see it… and not on the big screen which is a concept that fuels the already burning fire of fear in the average American.

      1. Well there are plenty of crazies out there with a cache of guns and a cupboard full of braised steak and onions, large size. Should an apocalypse present, I’m happy to stand back and let them at it. I’m sure they’ll do a great job.

        But from a purely human POV, when I think about it, maybe all the wailing and hysterics is just…us. Think about it. We seem to be hard-wired for religion, as demonstrated by the fact that every civilisation so far has had some sort of religion (I believe). And religion does tend to encourage the wailing, the herd mentality, the mad frothing and the blind faith.

        Maybe we just like to be part of a herd, and the impending doom gives us a great excuse to buddy up and share in the terror and the emotion. Maybe we’re emotivores.

        Maybe I read too much spec fic.

  7. cough, cough. let me shed a tiny tiny bit of light on this 2012 storyline here. (Yes, the wife is finally here.)

    The Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world. It is merely a different numbering system in the Mayan calendar. That’s it!

    Because the Mayans didn’t have the “traditional” 12-month, January- December calendar with 365 days a year, 7 days a week, counting from the first month to the last month thing going on, the “date” on a certain day of the Mayan Calendar will in fact be…00000. in the year 2012. Does that really mean anything of significance to the rest of the world?

    or, is it religion?

    or, or, is it just the beginning of the next Mayan year?

    Dare I say it? yes.

    Will I bring more information to the forefront of this lively conversation concerning the specific dating system for your investigation? yes. I will. I can. Once, I find my source I’ll show you what exactly I’m talking about. (It’s buried in the notebooks and crumpled pages of frantic note-taking from years of Art History courses. But, I know it’s there, somewhere.)

    until then,

    ~Michelle, the wife.

    P.S.- I’m feeling self-conscious writing in a writer’s world, and I just want to say, yes, I’m sure there are many typos in this, just try not to roast me for it!! please?!

    1. Welcome Michelle, nice to hear from you.

      I find the concept of a calendar with a date of 0.0.0 to be fascinating. I hope you do a post on how it works, it sounds like great inspiration for a story.

      Tell me more!

  8. What?? You mean that the movie is spouting fabrications? I need proof! Dig up those journals…

    Merrilee is right. You should do a post on how it works. That would be cool.

  9. teehee…i snuck in…this is the wife. Thank-you for the welcome wishes Merrilee. I’ve until now been a silent observer of all that has gone on in here, and I feel welcome here for sure!!

    I will begin a post on the 2012 theme, but I won’t be able to end it tonight because my sources at this very moment are limited as is my time. You can find some of it online. Bruce Scofield (scofeld??) is a professor who has done some research on it. I myself learned of it through Dr. Nancy Kelker, the Art History professor at my own school. ten years ago she made an Art History degree possible by heading the committee at my school. before her, there wasn’t much of a program there. MesoAmerican art history is her specialty. I personally think that she is knowledgeable enough and darn tough enough to be the dean over there, but it hasn’t happened yet. However, that is my source, and a little backstory too.

    This calendar is the Mayan Long Count Calendar, and it basically was a prediction system used to calculate when the Sun, the elliptic cycle of the Milky Way Galaxy, and a specific constellation, the Perfect Tree of the Mayan creationism mythology will align in a Winter Solstice. They counted down to that date, because it is significant to that mythology. This is where the apocalyptic tales of doom come into play in this modern civilization’s constant search for “the end”. but, more on that later…

    This date marks the end of a countdown to one specific important date in the Mayan belief system. Do bear in mind that this is an ancient calendar, built on ancient beliefs, for an ancient culture that literally DISAPPEARED. No one has been able to discover the reason for this. And thus, because of that, no one can fully understand and interpret the meanings behind the beliefs, the calendar, or the culture. We can only look at the facts at hand really.

    After all, this is the same ruthless group of people who made captives participate in a bloody ballgame against their captors that ended in the defeated team being put to death…can we really understand the thoughts and reasonings behind everything?


  10. What’s that, like Rollerball? The game was for entertainment, like the games in Rome perhaps? You’re leaving me in suspense here, please continue…….

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