And The Stars Go With You

JesseJamesAvatar-1Well, a ship is about to set sail in my book.  Every event from here on out leads to the end, and everything comes full circle.  Of course, there is an emotional twist in the end, and I don’t mean one of those endings where you’re like “Oh, I should have seen that,” no, it’s more like when the killer stands up in the middle of the room in the original Saw.

In answer to one of your questions, no, I will not be sending the book off this Christmas.  It’s not just that it’s a horrible time to submit, but there are several things that have to be done first.  Chapter 26 needs a rewrite.  I still have to find someone to edit the entire novel, and the dreaded Library of Congress send out that takes entirely too long if you ask me.  The book will be done by Christmas, but a whole lot of work will begin.  I’m aiming for around the end of Spring for submissions.

Ah, I will miss these characters.

11 thoughts on “And The Stars Go With You

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog today! I’ve poked around your blog a little bit today and noticed we have several mutual friends. 🙂

    Great job on being close to done with your current novel – and good luck with all the work that will follow!

  2. Good luck with the finish, I hope it flows!

    I do hope you are going to let it sit for a good month or so before you launch into rewrites?

    And what’s this library of congress thing?

  3. How exciting to be on the final stretch of the novel, I love that bit, trying to tie all the bits and pieces in together – good luck with it 🙂

    And answer Merrilee’s question, I too am curious about this library of congress thing!

  4. LoL! Come on, gimme a break? I’ve really had my hands full! My wife has been sick, the car broke down, work’s a pain in the ass, and I still have a romping two year old! Not to mention that I’m enjoying the final events in my novel.

    I’m dreading the agent search….

    P.S. Merrilee, you’re my favorite so don’t give up on me! LoL!!

  5. Sorry Merrilee, I left you hanging on the Library of Congress question again. Well, anything you have written, with the intent to publish, should be sent through the Library of Congress for an official Copyright in your name. Otherwise, you have no way to claim a work as your own, in a legal sense, before getting published.

    I used to send all my short stories and works to them for a copyright before I got married. But, alas, life somehow became very full of other things to do, and I have been slacking on that. Recently, rather, 3 years ago, I had a good friend of mine who was involved in the editing process and so she had access to all my writings in a past novel. By the midpoint of our editing, she showed me a piece she had just started herself, and to my utter disbelief, it was a watered down, name-changing copy of all my own ideas in my novel!! Needless to say, I shut down our editing comraderie very quickly!

    My wife has recently urged me to get a Copyright claim on the novel I am in the process of finishing now. And you should know that it takes them some time to work through all the requests, but I feel it is worth the wait knowing in the end that I’m safe in my own written rights!

    I hope that helps!!

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