No More Tooth Faery!

Yeah, you noticed that I used the newer, cooler spelling of Fairy?

For a week, I was in tremendous pain.  Turns out that it was my wisdom tooth.  So, I got it removed on Monday.  Unfortunately, I’m still in recovery.  It’s kind of cool getting stitches, though.

The good news is that I read a new book, in two sittings, between my drug induced slumbers.  It was called Sundays at Tiffany’s from the author James Patterson, and it turned out to be a love story.  A WHAT??  I know, I know.  I read a love story!  In my defense, it was from our nations leading crime and mystery writer!  Right?  Oh, who cares.  It was a fun read, leave me alone!  🙂

6 thoughts on “No More Tooth Faery!

  1. ouch! Can sympathise with the wisdom tooth pain, I’m avoiding getting mine looked at because quite frankly there is no way we can afford to get them out. I will survive in the meantime!

    Glad it was a fun read 🙂 too much of what I pick up these days is not.

  2. Aw, that’s unfortunate. I was actually reading the book at a Walgreens while waiting for my prescription to be filled. For some reason, it was just what I needed after such a painful experience. I kept saying that I would survive, until the tooth got too close to a nerve. It turned out to be surprisingly affordable, something like 250 bones. Just be careful, JC, I actually like you and wouldn’t want you to wind up being in pain like that. 😦

    Out of curiosity, what have you been reading of late?

  3. I’ve been reading The Suicide Collectors this last week, and it’s lacking in several ways, I’m going to finish it tho! Hopefully the next book I get stuck into is better 🙂

    My wisdom teeth come and go, play up for a bit and then don’t. Currently, everything is fine 🙂 Which is amazing because you often get teeth issues while pregnant! I WILL get it sorted eventually, but they normally do the whole lot in one go and it costs well over a grand here. Between expensive car repairs and a baby due in a couple months its not on the top of my list of priorities!

  4. Nope. That reminds me, before I had the tooth yanked out of me, I made the mistake of telling my wife that she has never known a pain like what I was going through.

    Yeah. How could I forget the whole giving birth thing? LoL!

    Family is the best priority. I’m sorry about your car, but not about the wonderful joy you are going to have in a couple months! I’m so very happy for you. You juggle a whole lot, and still manage to come out sane. Well. As sane as any artist can be, that is. 🙂

  5. Yes, about as sane as I can be 😉 I’m very much looking forward to the new arrival!

    Oh, speaking of new things – hows that short story coming along??? 😉

  6. My “not so short” story is coming along nicely, considering the neglect I have shown it for about a week. You know, the tooth and all. However, I was writing in it last night while I was talking to you. It was a strange scene, and I had to write two different versions of it, but it worked out great in the end.

    I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I wanted very much to write in it today, however, my little girl appears to have a bit of a cold and I have to go to work in a couple of hours. I would give anything to just WRITE full time.

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