Sad Rejection

I received my first rejection today for a particular submission.  Perhaps that piece was too mature for the magazine, and too lengthy.  The editor left a generous note, describing the fact that she ultimately did not understand what took place at the end of the story.  The ending wasn’t something that I wanted to spell out to the reader, it was something that I wanted the reader to think about.  Perhaps that was indeed a mistake.


4 thoughts on “Sad Rejection

    1. I know, there is no excuse! I haven’t been on here in a while because I recently moved across the state, had to get the young one into a new school system, and the family settled in to new jobs and a new environment.
      Been doing a lot of writing, though. I hope things are well with you! What have you been up to?

      1. Aaah! I understand completely. I’ve been very absent myself, only really got back into posting regularly-ish from this year.

        So glad you are writing lots! That is, of course, the whole point and you are doing the stuff. That is great. I’m pleased to hear that.

        I’ve been working on some short-term writing projects but itching to get back to working on a novel that has got me excited to the point of not being able to sleep some nights. Do you ever get that? I think my days are very full – 3 kiddies, 4ish jobs, being wife, home life etc, my only brainspace time is after dark when I should be sleeping. This is where a clone would be useful methinks. 🙂

        So glad you are not gone & are still writing. All the best with settling in!

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