Back To It

It was a long weekend, and a struggle to get back on track.  Today, I plan on following a criminal character that the FBI has been observing.  He’s a smart guy, with OCD quirks that somehow lend to his likable nature.  It’s good that the people who have read the story enjoy this character, and I have a particular fondness for him myself because he’s technically a “bad guy” but yet there is a sympathetic quality to him.  My goal is to have him as a man who exists in that gray area.  Those type of characters have always fascinated me.

In other news, I hooked up a portable 500 gigabyte hard drive to my mac to back up all of my files.  Sure, Drop box is great, but I need my work in more than one place.  It’s sort of like a security blanket that will help me sleep at night.






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