Whenever I write, there generally has to be a specific mood and atmosphere that I have to settle into.  As a parent, that comes with a bit more difficulty.  It amazes me how set in our ways we can become sometimes, and it was pretty apparent when my six year old daughter decided that she wanted my attention for the entire day…again. 

I realized that she didn’t actually want me to play with her, but that she just wanted to be around me.  So, I let her play in my office.  It wasn’t difficult to get into the swing of things when I decided to be brave enough to write with all of her distractions.  The thing is, however, is that I wasn’t distracted at all.  As a matter of fact, I spat out two thousand words while she carefully arranged a puzzle into something resembling an elephant near my chair.  It was something that I had to think about.  Is all of the preparation, mood, atmosphere, etc. just a myth?  Is it a crutch or an excuse?  Is any of it necessary at all?  

I wonder.

7 thoughts on “Atmosphere

  1. Hmm… I see what you mean. I know I usually prefer to be listening to a certain type of music if any, I tell myself anything with too much noise will be too much of a distraction.
    But then one day I took my notebook and wrote a chapter while sitting in a swing at the park. I had to keep an eye on my neighbor’s fostor son, but I still managed to get a good chunk written.
    Maybe it’s more about out mindset and our determination to put down words. I think you’re on to something there!

  2. I think you’re on to something. Maybe it’s more about our set of mind and our determination to put down words.

    I know usually I like to have a quiet and calm atmosphere when I write. A candle burning, soft slow music, and my cup of coffee or tea beside me. But then I once wrote a chapter while sitting in a swing at the park, surrounded by a plethora of kids running around having fun.

    Maybe I’ll test that theory and write while my husband plays his NHL video game. Who knows, you might be right.

    1. Candles and soft music, eh? Sounds peaceful enough! Lately, I’ve been using an app called Relax Melodies, which reproduces naturalistic sounds such as a babbling brook, rain, wind, or distant waves, or you can mix the sounds to create your own ambiance. It’s pretty nice, but I think that you are right. It’s a theory worth testing. I just don’t know about jumping into the fray cold turkey.
      NHL video games? I love hockey. Your husband has good taste. 🙂

      1. Yeah, my husband thinks so too! Your app sounds like my neighbor’s backyard. The music is all in the nature though. That’s my favorite kind of music, my favorite place to write. But then, distractions can be found everywhere.

      2. They can, but some of my hard core writing companions like to consider everything a distraction. Bottom line, I write when I can, but I still have a designated time for it everyday. The Internet is a distraction, television is a distraction, video games are a distraction. Bah. I spend time on all of those things…who doesn’t? I’m certainly not going to lock myself away within a remote mountain like a monk so that I can constantly focus on my work. That’s nuts. Sometimes, distractions can be rather pleasant. They will never, however, take away from my creative time. But they will cause me grief from some of my writer friends. 😉

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