Traveling Life

Life isn’t always gumdrops and roses, but often enough it has an uncanny ability to surprise you.  My wife recently gave birth to our second baby girl, and I couldn’t imagine any thing more beautiful.  When I was younger, I had lofty intentions for my life.  Travel the world, become an overwhelmingly successful author (that one is still pending), and I measured life by all of the wrong things.  I haven’t traveled the world, I am not an overwhelming successful author, but I am quite wealthy.  Does that mean that I am rich?  Not by the common standards of man, no.  I don’t have a bunch of money, but I am wealthy beyond measure because of the absolute joy my family has brought.  That is something that I couldn’t grasp in my younger years: the fact that while many people spend every waking moment to become the next best thing, or the president of some corporate office, life will pass them by.  I am happy to know this now. 

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