This holiday season, I’m thankful that I have enough sense to be aware of the important things in life.  Every year, I find it increasingly difficult to comprehend or stomach the fact that people are killing each other at stores just to claim an item on sale.
A pregnant mother was trampled to death this year at such an event.  Is this the sort of thing that our society has been reduced to?  Barbarism should be restricted to future post apocalyptic enviroments, or left behind when technology restricted the sword to common place in warfare.

We are not our iPhones.  We are not our television sets.  We are not our Playstation 4’s or XBox Ones.

Sometimes I think that futuristic depictions of society in books and films are not so far off.  Blade Runner, for instance, or The Hunger Games are good examples of how we place inanimate objects on a higher pedestal than the value of human life or decency.

The funny thing is that most people could have saved money by shopping at home.  Amazon, for instance, had better sales than physical stores in the areas that I live.  Shopping online could have also saved someones life during this blackest of fridays.  I said blackest because each year the lengths that people will go to obtain a store sales price and end up on the front page headlines seems to grow extensively worse each year.

As for that poor woman and her unborn child who will never see a holiday season, I believe that they deserve better and we as a society should be ashamed.

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  1. I am thankful you have the sense too. It’s a very scary thing that this happens. Totally unheard of over here. If I am honest, we frequently read headlines from the USA and struggle to imagine the culture that creates this kind of behaviour. I hadn’t heard about the pregnant woman and her baby, my heart goes out to their family.

    1. It must be interesting to be on the outside looking in. We’ve actually thought about moving out where you live. I’m sure every place has it’s own set of problems, though.

  2. It’s insanity. “Black Friday” is the perfect name for the madness. Thank you for your sense. Oh, and thanks for following my blog. I’m going to explore yours more when I have more time. Right now I have to go pick up my granddaughter and bring her here for awhile so I can give her her piano lesson. Catch up with you later. Keep up the good writing.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Piano lessons, you say? I’ve been considering signing my daughter up for that. She’s in ballet now, and I think she ‘d enjoy learning piano. Classical is her favorite.

      1. Oh, I would say sign her up for sure…if the interest is hers. Playing piano is a skill that will serve her a lifetime of pleasure. I’ve played for many years and have taught as well. Right now, besides my granddaughter, I teach a little first-grade girl, and my brother. He lives in another state, and we do lessons via phone or Skype. He absolutely loves it. Your daughter likes classical? There’s so much she could do. I hope you go forward with it.

      2. She’s in first grade as well. I will most likely do it. My wife is a teacher and she said that there is a piano at her school that they are trying to get rid of. I think lessons will do her good.

  3. Fantastic. Get the piano tuned and you’ll be all set. You daughter is lucky. I’m a teacher too, although retired. Once a teacher always a teacher… : )

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