Winter Novella Part II

picture wee small hours lonely woman

Today’s writing went much better than what I originally had planned.  Somehow, I managed to finish the first two chapters of the winter novella.  Both of the settings introduced were significant to how the respected character felt, so that went well.  Identity is a fun thing to work with in this story, and hopefully the reader will keep guessing until the end.  The picture above caught my eye while browsing the internet today.  It made me think of Alex’s mother visiting his little hideaway for the first time.  It’s funny how our mind’s can run away with things.
For those of you wondering about the fall novella, it has been sent to the wonderful Cassie Hart for final edits.  She’s amazing, and I am in her debt for the great work that she has done.  I submitted the book to her and she sent it back with a few questions that demanded an answer in the story structure.  I hope that the most current version that I replied with will fill in the gaps.
It’s been such a busy day, and a significant one for my one year old daughter.  Today, she surprised me by standing up on her own!  I think that I startled her with my excitement, because she looked at me with confusion painted onto her face right before falling onto her bottom.
Well, I hope that tomorrow’s work will be just as fruitful.  It’s going to be a difficult scene to write, but we’ll have to see.  I’ll also try not to startle the little one when she surprises me with her milestones.

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