The Truth About Alex


Today I finished writing the follow-up to The Runaway Train called The Truth About Alex!  I started writing the Winter Novella back on October 26th, almost immediately after The Runaway Train.  There were some hiccups during the process, some scenes that needed to be rewritten, some things moved around, but that’s what drafts are for.  Scrivener kept it all organized for me, and Evernote held onto all of the notes.
Mostly, the holiday season kept me from doing very much in it at all… other than taking notes.  The next step is for the book to move along to my Betas, then J.C. Hart will get to sharpen her blades before it arrives on her desk.
This book was a blast to write!  To be honest with you, I’m going to miss the characters.  I suppose that every writer feels that way when their stories come to a close.
Now it’s time to get Monsoon Morning in order.  Montana Marrenger has quite a bit ahead of her!



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