So, What News?

Some of you have been wondering if it would be possible to subscribe to my news letter.
The answer was simple.  Nope.  The reason was that I didn’t have one.
What?  An Indie Author that blogs about Indie Publishing and he doesn’t have a news letter?
After careful consideration, I decided that developing a news letter now would be a good idea.  Since the publication of my first two Montana Marrenger books, they quickly became bestsellers on Amazon.  Giving people an inside look at my writing process, or giving away free goodies while keeping readers up to date with what’s next, seemed like the best next step.  It isn’t for money (the news letter is free), and it isn’t because I want something from all of you.
It’s simply because I want to share with you my world, and everything that happens in it.  I want to give you free stuff and keep you up to date with what’s next!

Click Here To Sign Up For M.W. Griffith’s News Letter Today!

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