The Coming Rain – Part 2

girl-rain-walk_086672Monsoon Morning is now with my beta readers!

This definitely makes me happy!  It took a lot longer than expected to get this book prepped for betas, but it’s done at last!  I just sent it off yesterday, and I’m already eagerly awaiting their response!  Patience is the name of the game here, I guess, so it’s time to do what I do best: Move on to the next project!  I’m already ten chapters into the next novella, so there’s a very good chance that it will be released around the same time that Monsoon Morning is!  Pretty exciting, right?  I know, you can barely contain yourself.  Same here.  No worries.
When I do hear back from betas, corrections will have to be made before sending it at last to my editor.  Hopefully, the corrections will not be a mile and a half long.  Nobody wants that.  No sir.
Monsoon Morning is book three in my Montana Marrenger Mysteries, and is my first full length novel.  If you’ve missed the other two books, or need to catch up, head on over to my books page and grab your copies before book three comes out!

“This is a case I won’t be forgetting anytime soon,”
-Selena “Montana” Marrenger

I’ll keep you updated with the progress of Monsoon Morning, but if you want exclusive content and all kinds of other awesomeness, you have to sign up for my newsletter!  It’s not hard.  Just a little form, an email address exchange.  No blood spilling necessary.  Trust me.  You trust me, right?  Good.

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