Vanishing Act


In light of Amazon’s recent alterations concerning their review policies, I’ve shut my Facebook account down. Sure, the move seems drastic. After all, there are a lot of fans following me on the popular social media platform. When fans of my books started getting emails from Amazon, telling them that they are not allowed to publish a review of my books (or their reviews are being taken down) because they “know me personally” I admit it mad me pretty mad.
Those people do not know me, but they are familiar with my work. They’ve read one or more of my mysteries, and started following me on social media. For an indie author, that’s really a great thing. Social media is a fundamental tool to connect directly with readers and build a fanbase. Now, Amazon wants to determine who can and who can’t voice their opinion of my work on their site.
I get it. I understand that there were sites out there designed to implement fake reviews and that Amazon wants to cut way down on those. That’s fine. But in their attempt, they are silencing honest reviews. My train of thought was that if Amazon is tracking who connects with me on Facebook, then I’ll just shut down my Facebook account and be done with it.
Will this work? To be honest, I’m not too sure. So far, I’ve had a couple of reviews pop up from fans who started following me on other social media platforms. Nothing major, but they seemed to have slipped through the analytical cracks of Amazon’s all powerful super computing judgmental device.
I’ll post more results as I get them. In the meantime, I’ll just keep writing, keep telling my stories, because that’s the important thing.

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