To Scrivener or not to Scrivener?

A lot of people ask me what type of software I use for writing my manuscripts. To be honest, it can be easy for some writers to get too caught up in picking the right program. It can potentially distract the writer from doing what is most important: writing. As long as you are getting the story out, putting words on the page, then it really doesn’t matter what type of software you use. Maybe you don’t use a computer at all to wiamawriterrite your magnificent novels. There are plenty of people who still use journals, pens, pencils, crayons, whatever! As a matter of fact, the first full length novel I ever wrote started out on napkins. Although not ideal, at least it got the job done.
In all fairness, I’ll answer the question. I write using a popular software called Scrivener. It keeps everything organized, but it can be a bit daunting for someone who is not used to it. Lately, though, I’ve shifted over to iA Writer. It’s a simple program that opens right up. It has night mode, my favorite, and organizes scenes and chapters with a swipe on my trackpad. Planning is fine, and Scrivener is really great for that, but when it comes to actually typing out a story, iA Writer has been my go to application!

What about you guys? Do you prefer one method of writing over another? What has your experience with Scrivener been like? Let me know in the comments!

Remember, get those words onto the page!

2 thoughts on “To Scrivener or not to Scrivener?

  1. I just got Scrivener and haven’t tried it yet, so I’ll let you know. Honestly I’ll probably keep writing in word, but I was interested in something to keep my notes organized.

    1. Hi! Scrivener’s a great app, for sure. Give it a shot! Lots of writers love Word, and that’s perfectly fine too. Scrivener helps me keep my thoughts organized, which is a big deal because I have ADD and can be rather forgetful. Scrivener takes the ‘all in one’ approach to writing, allowing you to plan, make notes, storyboards, compile, AND write. iA Writer is just for writing. It’s simple, clean, and effective. I’m still using both apps, but I’m not writing in Scrivener much anymore. Instead, it’s where I plan out my novels and jot down ideas.

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