Down The Line


I hear you guys. Thank you so much for supporting me on social media. To be honest, I didn’t know there was hype for my next book. Mainly because I’ve hardly talked about it. Usually, I keep updates posted concerning the writing process and progress on a WIP, but this book actually took all of my attention. Here’s why.

Six months ago, my editor told me that I’m in a Cold, Bending trap. You see, I’ve started several projects and abandoned them since publishing The Cold, Bending Light. It remains my best selling novel, which makes me happy, but I feel like that book was the result of everything I’d learned to that point. At the start, things were going well with Cold, Bending. I’d learned a lot from other authors, classes, seminars, and the simple practice of writing.  I’m glad that you guys liked The Cold, Bending Light. It means a lot to me. So much emotion and effort went into that book, the creation was a true experience. Some have contacted me stating that the amount of grief and the possibility of moving on presented in the book was inspiring.

Fast forward to now. 5 abandoned books, stories that will never see the light of day, because of how harshly I compared them to The Cold, Bending Light. I’m proud to say, however, that for the first time since, a new book has been fully written.

The Resting Place.

When reworking The Runaway Train, I decided to continue Kathryn Lincoln’s story by presenting her with a case that connects to the previous book, but is also something much different. I listened to all of the feedback on the first book, and am responding to it with this one. I’ve tossed the concept of three different cases leading the story. Some people were confused by that idea, but it’s all good. This book only focuses on one case. Another difference is that, unlike The Runaway Train, it’s very clear who the target audience is. Some people assumed The Runaway Train was for Young Adults. That’s fine. Great.

The Resting Place is a bit more mature. The content has already been trimmed some, but there’s no mistake with this book whether it’s for an adult audience or not. It is. Plain and simple. It also explores and expands my Cold, Bending concept of pain and recovery. I did this by presenting one simple thought, right out the door.

Can a person still be a good person even if they’ve committed a terrible crime? What does a criminal deserve?

So there you have it. Wait, that’s not all of my news. This post is running long, so let me just tell you straight forward.

The Resting Place will be out just before winter.

I’m also writing a historical fiction novel with the intention of publishing traditionally. Want to know more? Hell, contact me. It’s based off of a popular short story of mine. I don’t mind sharing.

What’s next in the indie universe? Brace yourself. Another Kathryn Lincoln book is already 12k works written, and it’s called The Girl By The River.

Also, one last thing. For my long time fans, again, thank you so much. I’m sorry to say that the adventures of Montana Marrenger are coming to an end. The next Marrenger book, entitled Audacity, will end the Montana Marrenger series. Thank you everyone who followed her throughout her adventures, and her discovery of the truth. It means a lot.

As always, my Twitter is open to anyone who wants to discuss my work. How do you feel about Selena Marrenger ending? What about a direct sequel to The Runaway Train? Do you feel like my previous work was written for YA or not? Don’t be shy. I’m here. It’s okay.

Missing In Murfreesboro: Update

In June, 2017, I posted about Devin Bond, the teenager who vanished a couple months prior. It’s now been a little over a year since anyone last saw him. The missing aren’t forgotten, and I thought I’d make another post in hopes that someone out there might recognize him.  Click here for the original article.

On March 31st, 2017, sixteen year old Riverdale student Devin Bond left his home in Murfreesboro, TN at around 3:30 in the morning, and hasn’t been since since. City schools were on Spring Break during this time, so there wasn’t a real reason for Devin to be up that early. Before leaving, he shoved pillows in his bed in order to give the impression that he was asleep, packed a red and gray North Face pullover jacket, a gray and white Nike sweatshirt and khaki pants into a black Nike drawstring backpack, and headed out into the early Spring morning.
At 4:30 am, a possible sighting of Devin was reported on Barfield Crescent Road, walking alone towards Veterans Parkway. MAP OF AREA.  About twenty-five minutes later, Devin’s phone pinged off the Joe B. Jackson Parkway tower, suggesting that the phone was somewhere on Barfield Crescent Road. Since then, there’s been no activity on Devin’s phone.Devin Ray Bond
Some people claim that Devin Bond planned to run away, and even suggested living as a homeless person. At the time of his disappearance, Devin’s mother was asleep and his father was working the late night shift. His mother reported him missing to the Murfreesboro Police, and despite the best efforts of combined searches from the city police, the sheriff’s department, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol, nobody knows what happened to Devin Bond.
I live in the area where Devin Bond vanished, near 231 and a stone’s throw away from Barfield Crescent Park. Local searches were conducted, meeting up at the Church Street Walmart, and there are still Missing posters being featured in windows to businesses, and telephone poles. It’s been a year, and still his parents are hopeful that one day they’ll find out what happened to their son.

UPDATE:  Devin’s mother recently shared on Facebook that in the weeks following Devin’s disappearance, he was logging into his Google account and checking his own timeline.  She also believes that there has to be people in the area that know what happened to him, and are not talking.

If you have any information, please call the sheriff’s office at 615-898-7770.
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Missing In Murfreesboro

missingpersonflyerThursday, March 30 was the last time anyone saw Riverdale High School freshman Devin Bond. Bond’s mother, Heather, was asleep when the sixteen year old left his home on Armor Place in Rutherford County, and his father was at work at the time. Devin’s younger brother, aged nine, informed their mother that Devin had stuffed pillows and towels underneath a blanket in order to give the impression that he was sleeping.
According to Heather, Devin took along a drawstring backpack with a red and gray North Face jacket, a gray and white Nike hoodie, and khaki pants. In an interview, she claimed that the young man was upset following a recent breakup, but stated that his prolonged absence is completely out of character.
“I’m concerned he thinks he’s in trouble and maybe that’s why he’s still out there, but I don’t want him to be scared or afraid he’s in trouble. I just want him to come home,” Heather told the Daily News Journal. “He left on foot when he left the house. Where he went, we don’t know…It’s just not like him. He’s a good kid. He doesn’t do stuff like this. He hangs out with a couple of friends sometimes. He plays video games. He’s usually a homebody.”
This case hasn’t garnered the media attention it deserves, largely because at the time of Devin Bond’s disappearance, Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins were top headlines. Devin’s cellphone last pinged in the Barfield area of Murfreesboro. Local searches, in conjunction with law enforcement, haven’t turned up any evidence.
An Amber Alert was never issued, because authorities do not believe Devin has been abducted. Without a description of a vehicle, or witnesses claiming an apparent abduction, not issuing an Amber Alert is completely normal according to governmental guidelines, found here: Amber Alert Guidelines
I live near the Barfield area of Murfreesboro where the Bond’s family live. The lack of media attention is astounding. Word of mouth isn’t even keeping the case alive. The only way Devin’s story is staying on some people’s minds is from the missing posters taped up in the windows of local businesses. Without confirmed sightings, or physical evidence, Devin’s case is freezing over.
Someone knows what happened to this young man. People don’t simply vanish without a trace. Devin has to eat. He has to sleep. Staying positive keeps hope alive. I don’t think that he walked into the woods and committed suicide. LE has stated that they believe he planned to run away from home.
The days turn to weeks, the weeks into months, and still there is no sign of Devin.  If you have any information, please call the sheriff’s office at 615-898-7770.
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Justice For Holly Bobo


In a case that has been active and ongoing since 2011, the disappearance of Holly Bobo has sent shock waves of fear and disbelief throughout Tennessee.  The twenty year old nursing student was last seen being led into the woods by a man dressed in camouflage near her home.  Bobo’s brother, Clint, had reported witnessing his sister being led by an unknown man into the woods at around 7:30 Wednesday morning.  Initially, he proclaimed that the man in camouflage was her boyfriend, but called the authorities after finding blood outside. At the time, investigators did not think that the University of Tennessee nursing student went willingly into those woods.  They combed the surrounding area and uncovered items that are reported to belong to Holly, including a lunchbox. The case seemed to have gone cold after a few years of false leads, and incredibly bad reporting from the local news outlets that only complicated the investigation.  Now, Decatur County is holding their breath as new details have shed light on her disappearance, and the TBI has made an arrest in the murder of the nursing student.  Zach Adams has been accused of the crime, and that the key to finding the still missing Holly Bobo may be his brother, Dylan Adams. The two brothers live with their grandfather, Dick Adams, and the TBI searched the property in February.   Dylan reportedly stated that he had seen Bobo alive with his brother after she had gone missing.  Now, a second man has been indicted in the murder of Bobo, Jason Wayne Autry.  His exact charges are for first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping.  The TBI, however, has also said that they have not yet recovered Bobo’s body. Autry is already serving time in the Riverbed Maximum Security Prison on previous convictions unrelated to the case, but investigators uncovered that Autry is a close friend of Adams.  Although the case is listed as active and ongoing, the question of motive remains, as well as if investigators will be able to locate the body of Holly Bobo in the remote region.  What led the authorities to believe that the nursing student had been murdered remains a mystery as well, as they have not released a statement concerning what led them to such a conclusion.


ImageHolly Bobo …long blond hair, 5′ 3″ tall and 110 lbs, 21 years old, kidnapped Wed @ 7:40 am 4/13/2011 Darden TN (KIDNAPPED-MURDERED by Zach Adams and Jason Autry).

A Most Dangerous Animal: The Zodiac Killer Revealed?

Considering the great unsolved mysteries of all time, the Zodiac Serial Killer is one of the most popular.  I believe that this is due to the incredible audacity that he displayed when promoting himself to the police.  Bloody, cryptic messages boasted that he had killed up to thirty-seven people, and had never been caught.   Northern California citizens were haunted by the taunting letters, that were also released to the press, during 1968 and 1969.

Although the murders failed to ignite a federal investigation, local law enforcement reached out to the FBI to utilize their expertise in cryptanalysis to aid them in an investigation to capture the morbidly elusive killer.  Often, the FBI provides support to law enforcement agencies in various areas, but their combined efforts failed to produce significant results to obtain the self proclaimed Zodiac Killer, and the case continues to be open to this day.

Enter Gary L. Stewart, a Louisiana man claiming in his brand new book that his long lost father, Earl Van Best Jr., was indeed the Zodiac Killer.  Although the case remains open, with tips still coming in about the murders and the killer’s supposed identity, the San Francisco admits that they have never heard of the book, “But certainly something our homicide investigators will take a look at,” (CNN).

The adopted Stewart was abandoned as a child, and when he was contacted by his birth mother, Judy, after 10 years, he set about on a quest to locate the identity of his father.  What he found was someone with a criminal record in San Francisco, and the most horrifying of all was the striking resemblance between his father’s mugshot and the official police sketch of the Zodiac Killer.

Best spent a few years locked up in a maximum-security building for the criminally insane, only to be paroled in 1965.  The first Zodiac murder happened in 1968.

If this is truly the identity of the maniac, then hopefully it can bring some kind of closure to the families of his victims.  Official reports and analysis have yet to be released, but the evidence appears to be quite convincing.