The importance of Publishing Credits

Considering that nobody exactly wanted to comment on my last post, I’ll just throw a new topic out here.  Are publishing credits vitally imperative to landing that contract?  I would assume that they would certainly help, but one would hope that a publisher or agent didn’t go by that information alone.  The content of your story, the quality of writing, and the fact that your novel is something new and fresh should be enough right?

You’d like to think that.  Most people submit queries that never even get looked at.  The infamous slush pile is larger than the agented one.  My perspective is that unless your credits include something outstanding, such as  “I wrote the script for the last two James Cameron films,” or “Hi, my name is Brian Herbert,” then it isn’t all that impressive.  There’s certainly no harm in putting what you can in there, right?  Magazines, newspapers, websites.  I’m sure that they would help, but they won’t be the determining factor.  What do you think?