Winter Novella


Inspiration can come in the most unexpected of places.  Today, it was music.  You know how sometimes, you might hear a song and it pulls a forgotten memory to you?  You savor the experience, and can perhaps be glad that the song happened to play at that time.  This is how it was with me, only instead of memory, an important story element emerged.
It was cold this morning.  The wind smelled like winter, or at least a lesser form of it.  Although I have completed my fall novella, The Runaway Train, I still have quite a bit of work to do.  The final edits on Monsoon Morning are turning out to be more than I had anticipated, and I’m afraid that it’s release might have to be pushed back.  It may be too early to tell, though.
In the meantime, I am working on the next novella.  It’s title is The Truth About Alex, and I suppose that it’s been in the planning stages for a little while.  The story begins at a construction site, inside a skeletal building overlooking the city.
Alright, well, I suppose that I should get to it.



Time Travelling

We are governed by the apparatus of the tyranny of time.  Clocks, schedules, and deadlines rule every year of our lives.  These things dictate our actions, but how accurate are they?  Take birthdays for instance.  Theoretically, wouldn’t any day do?  Why celebrate your birthday on that particular day?  It isn’t the actual day that you were born.  It is the date in which you were born on a calendar.  So, we have acquired a notion that the same day keeps coming back around.

If the past becomes present because of this cycle, then wouldn’t that be some form of time-travel?  As an author of science fiction, I tend to ramble.  For that, I apologize, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that get me started creatively for the day.  One such thing, or “apparatus” would be the infamous alarm clock that set these thoughts into motion.

Somebody once told me that he wishes he could travel back in time and murder the man that invented such a cruel machine as the alarm clock.  Couldn’t the same hateful wishes be said for calendars, or planners?  Our lives function off of these things.  Indeed, they keep us on track.  Sometimes, however, it’s good to forget them altogether.  Only then can you truly relish a day (not a date) that is literally new.

Temporal Distortion

Very much a fan of Bear McCreary’s work, I stumbled across this video today that he posted on his blog.  He does the music for stuff like The Walking Dead, and Battlestar Galactica.  The music is an original piece specifically for the project that he collaborated on with Temporal Distortion.  This is a perfect thing to gaze at in wonder before writing.  It awakens the imagination.

I honestly find this video to be stunning.  His work certainly stands out in The Walking Dead, and the theme gets stuck in my head sometimes, but this is much different.  It evokes a sort of tranquility.  The video is time lapsed, and every second of it is 100% authentic.

What sort of things do you do that stirs your imagination, and brings you to that place where you can walk alongside your characters?  Comments are welcome.