View From Above


The Radio Flyer was a spacecraft
My brother would pull me along through the stars
While I soared through asteroid fields
Exploring a thousand worlds

If a Radio Flyer can be a space craft
Why can’t we go back to the way things were
When our lives were far ahead of us
And nobody worried about the best way
To settle down

In a machine driven society
That mass-produces
Predetermined lifestyles marching
To the beat of a time clock
Grating against the surface of complacency

If a Radio Flyer can be a spacecraft
Imagine what galaxies could be explored
Now that we’re older with all the years behind us
And have a much better view.

All material © M.W. Griffith 2016.
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Milton Be Damned

JesseJamesAvatar-1So, I had an incredibly vivid nightmare, one that only a fever could produce.  Some people say that it’s simply your subconscious attempting to speak to you, or a reflection of emotions surfacing.  Well, I’m not one to serve in Heaven or rule the depths of Hell, Milton be damned.

Sigmund Freud and William James would undoubtedly debate with me concerning the importance of the unconscious mind in understanding conscious thought and behavior.  Dreams, at least for me, are reflections of imagination.  Creativity is a powerful thing.  Everything mankind has built in life is a reflection of his imagination.  The Empire State Building was first conceived before it was physically built, just as my novel is already written in my mind, and I have only to dictate it onto paper.  However, if a horrific murder occurs in one of my dreams, that does not tell me that I have murderous tendencies or even thoughts concerning such.