Short Story Writing Class


Nancy PickardOne of my favorite mystery authors, Nancy Pickard, is hosting a series of courses on Facebook centered on short fiction.  If any fellow writers out there are interested in honing your craft in this particular style, or if you are a curious reader who wants a peek into the complex world of writing, I highly recommend it.
The class is coming fresh off the heels of the publication of Manhattan Mayhem from the Mystery Writers Of America, and is edited by Mary Higgins Clark.  It’s an anthology featuring mystery authors such as Lee Child and Jeffery Deaver.  Nancy Pickard’s short story  “Three Little Words” appears in it.  Nancy is using this anthology as a sort of text book for the course.
classIf you struggle with short fiction, or believe the old writer’s tale that they are too difficult to write, then I urge you to sign up today! join

See you there!




It’s been interesting to walk around a bookstore this afternoon, as when I went to such places in the past, things were completely different.  What once felt like a chapel, a holy treasure trove of innumerable stories, it was now just a suffocating place seemingly cordoned off with sharp sticks to warn anyone passing by that it will defend itself.  It should defend itself against the winds of change that threaten it’s little light.  Between the shelves, a lonely employee followed me as though I would inexplicably set the place ablaze.  The titles that I had in mind were difficult to locate, unlike my kindle where I can find a book in a matter of seconds, and that was if the store carried them at all.  So archaic was the place that it’s dust and lighting reminded me of an ancient temple that Indiana Jones would explore, and that is the very reason why I loved it.