Traveling Life

Life isn’t always gumdrops and roses, but often enough it has an uncanny ability to surprise you.  My wife recently gave birth to our second baby girl, and I couldn’t imagine any thing more beautiful.  When I was younger, I had lofty intentions for my life.  Travel the world, become an overwhelmingly successful author (that one is still pending), and I measured life by all of the wrong things.  I haven’t traveled the world, I am not an overwhelming successful author, but I am quite wealthy.  Does that mean that I am rich?  Not by the common standards of man, no.  I don’t have a bunch of money, but I am wealthy beyond measure because of the absolute joy my family has brought.  That is something that I couldn’t grasp in my younger years: the fact that while many people spend every waking moment to become the next best thing, or the president of some corporate office, life will pass them by.  I am happy to know this now. 

What Is Hell?

What is Hell?  I maintain that it is the inability to love.  For that, one doesn’t need an eternity. A day will do, or even a moment.

The capacity of forgiveness and strength in the family of slain teenager Demetrius Hewlin apparently knows no bounds.  T.J. Lane , 17, admitted taking a .22-caliber pistol and a knife to Chardon High in Ohio and firing 10 shots at a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table Monday morning.  Three students died as a result.

As a father, I couldn’t even fathom what the Hewlin family is going through, and I certainly do not know if I would be able to forgive the boy who shot and killed my child.  We are talking about victims who won’t even be able to go to prom, walk across the stage for their diploma, or shape their life after high school.

Love, however, is a powerful thing.

“I taught Demetrius not to live in the past, to live in today and forgiveness is divine.  You have to forgive everything.  God’s grace is new each and every day,” Demetrius’s mother stated.  “Until you’ve walked in another person’s shoes, you don’t know what made him come to this point.”

CNN reported that the shooter “chose his victims at random.”



According to the StarTribune, “Lane did not attend Chardon High but waited there for the bus to Lake Academy, a school for students with academic or behavioral problems. Authorities would not say how and why he ended up at Lake Academy.  Fifteen-year-old Danny Komertz, who witnessed the shooting, said it appeared that the gunman singled out a group of students sitting together. He said Lane was known as an outcast who had apparently been bullied.”

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims in this tragic event.