The Coming Rain Part 5: Released At Last!!!!

monsoongirl_FotorMonsoon Morning has officially been released! To celebrate my release event, I’m offering the book at a discounted price on Amazon! I’m really excited to find out what all of you think of Selena’s new adventure!
Want a little bit of insight into the books creation? Sure you do. Here you go!
Even though this book takes place after the events of Runaway Train and The Truth About Alex, it was written before either of those were even thought of. This is an unusual step for me, but there was a method to my madness.
You see, about five years ago I made the decision to stop writing science fiction and focus my literary efforts on a different genre. My wife recommended mystery, so I went with it. As the story developed, I took countless notes and began researching. I even befriended a medical examiner who helped me with some of the technical details. MonsoonCoverFinal.inddAfter it was completely written, I had another idea.
I should introduce Selena Marrenger to audiences in a separate story, a short novella. The Runaway Train was released, and was pretty successful as far as novellas go. Sure, some folks out there considered the short length to be a fault of the book, but I knew that it’s length was completely intentional. What followed almost immediately after was another novella, a story close to my heart, The Truth About Alex. With it, I wanted to tell a larger story within the restraints of novella form, and have the emotional impact that I tried to achieve with Monsoon Morning. Both novellas were separate stories, different cases, but gave you insight into Selena’s growth as a character.
Now that Monsoon Morning is finally released, I hope that all of you will now have a more rounded experience with Montana Marrenger, and will continue to follow her, case by case, as she pieces together the puzzle of her past.

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Behind The Character: Special Agent Jameson

JamesonArmyWhen I was young, I always enjoyed the tough guys in movies and television. The quick one liners directly after an explosion, the huge guns and seemingly endless amounts of bullets, were pure adrenaline to a boy my age. As I grew, I began to notice faults in those depictions. You can’t really punch through a car window to unlock a door. You can’t single handedly take out a compound full of Vietnamese soldiers. My heroes, or at least my concept of a hero, began to change. I needed someone smarter, someone with specific expertise to explain the hows and the whys. A different description of badass began to take shape for me, and eventually manifest itself on the pages of my Montana Marrenger Mysteries.
Jameson is a good looking guy, smart, cynical, and funny in a way that most women find charming. He never quite shed his military background. After serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, that type of lifestyle was something he had gotten used to. He became a Private Military Contractor, bringing on old war buddies to help him with assignments. He was extremely successful at the job, but one particular assignment made him rethink what he should do for the rest of his professional life. That’s when he decided to join up with the FBI, and use his experience to help track the bad guys. This time, he could bring them to justice without the morally gray areas of being a PMC.FBI-IMAGE-GUN
He’s a bit of a player, which his partner, Selena ‘Montana’ Marrenger calls him out on from time to time, but the fact is that as far as personal relationships go, he isn’t at the point of settling down. Jameson likes for his life to keep moving, his days have to be filled to the brim, or else he’ll get bored easily. During his days off, he’ll usually spend his time at the shooting range, jogging, or hitting up the gym. By nightfall, he’ll drink pretty heavily, and reminisce about the glory days when he worked for Uncle Sam.
Having no family left, Jameson often thinks of Selena as a little sister. They aren’t just partners, not just associates on the job, but friends. A soldier always has his partner’s back, on or off the battlefield, and that statement couldn’t be more true about Special Agent Jameson.

Catch up with Special Agent Jameson in my latest book, The Truth About Alex!
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Marketing Your Kindle Book: Part One – Planning A Solid Launch

There are a lot of indie authors out there who have written a book, published it through KDP, and have been sitting back waiting for the money to roll in.  After a few months, they most likely come to the realization that it’s not quite that simple.  If it were, I’m sure that most of us would be napping within piles of gold like Smaug the Stupendous.  Unless you are capable of leveling entire towns in order to get people to take notice of your book, it’s going to take a little bit more effort.  Writing a book is only half of the work.
Do you have a website?  If not, I hightly recommend that you remedy that.  People want to stay up to date with what you have to offer, especially if they liked your book.
Do you have a newsletter?  This one, I admit, I’m guilty of not having for quite a while.  A newsletter is a great way to spread the word about your book and upcoming titles, as well as offering your readers a chance to get a little something extra.  It could be sample chapters, or free ebook copies.  You will want your reader to be engaged.
Do you have other books planned? Speaking of keeping your readers engaged, writing a book series will keep them around a lot longer than a single book would.  Be sure to include excerpts at the end of your first book, or make them aware that there’s more to come.
Do you use social media?  Sure you do!  You wrote a book, and you have every right to shout it out to the world!  Let everyone know!  Don’t be shy about it.  I can’t tell you how many awesome people I’ve met through social media just because they found my books enjoyable.
Are you enrolled in Kindle Select?  There are some authors out there who swear they will never offer their book for free no matter what.  That’s fine, they can do whatever they want to.  However, if you’re a newly published Indie author with your first book on the market, I highly recommend enrolling that book into Kindle Select.  Utilize it’s free promotional periods to boost sales of your work.  Don’t worry so much about paying other companies to advertise your book just yet, wait until you have a few more out there.  If you are writing a series, you will create a funnel effect by advertising your first book for free every once in a while.  Eventually, enough people will have your book that Amazon will start selling it for you.  What I mean by that is the more people download it, the more likely you are to pop up in the wonderful “other readers have also bought” area, and you raise the chances of your sales significantly just by having more out there to offer!
Be Active And Humble This is a big one.  Keep readers up to date with intruiging blog posts, 1426615872_thumb.jpegmake friends and take personal charge of your followers in all of your social media outlets.  These people are your fans, and you have the unique opportunity to interact with them!  If they buy your book or follow you on social media, be sure to thank them and welcome them!  By treating people right, you know, being nice (it’s not that hard) instead of treating people like dollar signs or only talking to them to get something from them, then you are not only making friends but building your following.  Plus, you’re proving you are a decent human being.

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