Writing and Parenthood

ImageHello my crazy writing friends!  So, it’s been about a month since my last posting (terrible, I know) and you should all know that I am indeed still alive.  The pic above should help you to understand what I’ve been up to the most lately.  She was born 9.8 pounds, has a pair of lungs like a banshee, and the sweetest little smile that warms my heart on these surprisingly cold fall days.  There hasn’t been much progress on the novel since her birth, and I hear that is something that should be expected.  J.C. tells me that things should return to normal, and that I will be writing again soon enough.  I certainly hope so, of course.  It’s a good thing that at 2 months old, this little one is already sleeping through the night. 

Speaking of J.C. Hart, anyone who follows this blog or my related Twitter account should check out her blog and when possible, her published work.  She’s a really great writer, and friend, so turn your peepers over to the left hand column, scroll through the list of names until you find hers, and enjoy.

Now, I wanted to say that the novel has not been totally neglected during this period of my life.  Some of you know that the book has two story lines throughout that take place at different time periods.  I’ve well over 20k written on the investigation story arc, and have found a good pausing place to delve into the other.  It follows our mysterious killer at a young age, and tells how this person came about and what the circumstances were in his/her life that lead to the novels conclusion.  It’s been an interesting adventure, writing about a child, and I’ve had to shift my focus and style to accommodate the person’s age. 

I’m only around 2 thousand words into it, but at least I’ve found time to do so.  That being said, writers who are also parents of small children, certainly have their hands full.  There are times of doubt, times that I feel as though this book will never be finished by my deadline, but luckily I have some good friends that encourage me to believe otherwise. 

Now, it’s time to go change a diaper.  Have a productive day, and write on!


Writers are Murderers Too

What do your characters mean to you?  Do you hold them close to your heart?  Does that make them unbreakable?  The viewpoint of the reader may differ from your own.  If you strive to make a character mean something, don’t be afraid to off them gangster style.

You read that right.  Put a bullet in their perfectly designed features, roll them up in plastic, throw them into a lake.  Sometimes you have to be ruthless, an angry god, to make the reader gasp or weep for what you have created.  When it comes to writing, push the boundaries.  Write what you are afraid to write, do what you feel you shouldn’t do sometimes.  In the end, your readers will hate and love you for it.

Keep the reader guessing helplessly, and don’t be afraid to break a few hearts in the process.


It’s a beautiful October morning. The trees are ablaze with color, and the wind turns them into liquid fire, so fluid and alive.
It’s a good day for writing. Right now, I’m doing a bit of research on an area where a homicide investigation has commenced. It’s peaceful there, yet haunting, and the air is thick with dread.