My daughter (left) at my sister in law’s wedding.

It’s been a pretty busy week.  I’ve had three exams and an out of town wedding.  It’s kind of strange how a ritualistic experience can truly tug at the heart strings, and seeing a family member begin a new life with someone is certainly no exception.

The reception was catered, and the cake buffet was pretty much a genius idea.  My daughter dancing with the bride while lightening flashed from the windows behind them really sticks out in my mind.  I would post more pictures, but for my daughter’s sake, I will not.

One of the highlights of the reception was the speeches.  After two people spoke to the newly married couple, it was asked if anyone else had something to say.  My daughter immediately ran up to the microphone in front of everyone.  My father in law raised her up to the mic, and she said “ummm, I want to say that I love my mommy and daddy.”

I don’t think that it’s possible for her to be more adorable.

Temporal Distortion

Very much a fan of Bear McCreary’s work, I stumbled across this video today that he posted on his blog.  He does the music for stuff like The Walking Dead, and Battlestar Galactica.  The music is an original piece specifically for the project that he collaborated on with Temporal Distortion.  This is a perfect thing to gaze at in wonder before writing.  It awakens the imagination.

I honestly find this video to be stunning.  His work certainly stands out in The Walking Dead, and the theme gets stuck in my head sometimes, but this is much different.  It evokes a sort of tranquility.  The video is time lapsed, and every second of it is 100% authentic.

What sort of things do you do that stirs your imagination, and brings you to that place where you can walk alongside your characters?  Comments are welcome.