Mapping and Reading

Yeah, the above pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to other than homework.  Mapping out my two novels and rearranging scenes before they are written is the name of the game, so I haven’t been doing much writing in them of late.  Sometimes I wish that I could storyboard them, but in a way what I’m doing is kind of the same thing.  As far as reading goes, I’ve picked up The Dark Tower series, as well as a suggestion from J.C. Hart.

I appreciate it, J.C. Hart.

So, nothing extremely fascinating going on, and on that note I have a message for the readers of this blog.  I do not plan, and have never intended, to dutifully sit down at my desk and spill forth the details of my life each day onto this page.  Posting what I want when the desire rises would be a proper description of my intentions on this blog.  Instead of dishing out a thousand words or more a day onto WordPress, as an author and storyteller, I feel more obliged to place my words and time onto the pages of my actual work.  So, if I have offended anyone by not posting obsessively or even what you might consider regularly, I do apologize.  Just trust that I know where my time is best spent.