Silent Echo – Reviewed!

Silent Echo I feel as though some readers have become the most harsh of critics and have forgotten how to simply read for pleasure. This book was good. Another reviewer pointed out that the author didn’t focus enough on the mystery, but the fact is that the case and the investigator share the same story. Its written in first person, which was a problem with another reviewer because they felt as though the investigators thoughts were too redundant. Well, they were redundant, but honestly, if I were stricken with his condition, death and how I view life because of it would always be on my mind. It only felt natural. Sure, the case was pretty simple and not grand in scope (most cases in real life are not), but it was fitting for our dying main character to take on near the end of his life for reasons I won’t mention. This is an enjoyable afternoon read. Its emotional and compelling, and is a testament to the enduring strength of love when you think you’ve lost everything. Check it out.